Generating ideas that add value to your sales and organization can sometimes be frustrating and time consuming - with less than amazing results.

When you come to a "block" in any process, it is always nice to have tools to break down the barrier and get those ideas flowing.

We at Corporate Visions will be here to help you at any time, but if you find yourself alone and in need of a fun problem solving tool — try this.

Here is the IDEA GENERATOR! This fun tool allows you to start with a central theme or problem and work your way out to some themes that can work as solutions (or at least head you in the right direction!).

Bookmark this page... and come back whenever you reach a problem solving impasse (of course we would be more than happy to help you at this point. Just call us at (914) 761-9602).

Print the diagram, follow the instructions on the following page and start to solve those pesky problems!!

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